Cavin Holland

With more than a decade of experience, it is still extremely gratifying seeing the emotions of our clients when the system of their dreams comes to reality. 

Guided by ‘home entertainment pioneers’, Cavin Holland, founder of Live Free AV, continues to work closely day in day out with the heavy hitters of the industry.

From a young age, he has always been an electronics enthusiast, and prior to starting Live Free AV, Cavin gained valuable knowledge in his field while working at his family’s highly successful security and CCTV company in South Africa, where he grew up. As a young adult, he moved to the States and landed a coveted job with one of the biggest Home Automation companies in the west, out in Utah.

Attending top AV conferences and trainings on an ongoing basis is a given in our company as we keep pace with all the innovative solutions the AV industry showcases.

Experience firsthand this close-knit company’s focus on delivering beyond expectations, where honesty and loyalty are the backbone of every decision made.

Cavin Holland - Live Free AV

My favorite part of my job, and the reason I love doing what I do, is witnessing the moment when my team gets to reveal the end product to our clients. Knowing that we have delivered beyond expectations, it is hard not to feel the excitement and joy in the air when the final product is presented. Our focus on detail, the attentiveness brought to each and every project, and our total commitment to delivering excellent customer service is what sets us apart.