Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Collaborate with our team and together we will create the perfect balance between lifestyle and home electronics. Using innovative technologies, we are able to personalize the relationship you have with your home. Whether that be an automated pre-programmed schedule, a simple touch of a button, or even voice command, we will create a home system perfectly tailored to suit your style and, of course, designed to discreetly disappear into your décor.

Home automation allows for smart lighting, security and surveillance, climate control, audio/ video, Wi-Fi and networking, home theater, window treatments and even landscape audio and lighting to run effortlessly in the background. Your customized design allows for a seamless living experience on or off property. One app controlled from your favorite smart device, is all that is needed. 

Energy efficiency

Reduce wall clutter and help the environment by saving energy with home lighting control and climate control. Gain true efficiency with a centralized lighting system that connects the interior and exterior of your home. With lighting loads run to a central location, multiple wall switches are no longer required, single buttons control every light in your home if desired. 

Climate control allows for connectivity to temperature settings when away from home, for the unexpected visitor or the spontaneous trip extension.    

    Security & Surveillance by Live Free AV

    Security & Surveillance

    Lighting Design & Integration - Live Free AV

    Lighting Design & Integration

    Recessed TV on a motorized articulating mount.

    Audio Visual

    Home Theater - Live Free AV

    Home Theater

    Landscape Audio & Video - Live Free AV

    Outdoor Living

    Home WiFi - Live Free AV

    WiFi & Networking

    Window Treatments